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David Johnson Photography



Hi, I’m David

I was born and raised in Colorado and grew up in the Fort Collins Area.  I became interested in Photography while I was in Junior High School.  I was able to take 3 photography classes in junior high school and learned how to process black and white film images and color images. There was no such thing as digital images back then.  Everything was film. This ignited my passion for photography.  After high school, I joined the Marine Corps, and then after being discharged from the service I pursued a career in law enforcement and became a crime scene photographer. I still enjoyed nature and portrait photography, along with sports on my time off from work in law enforcement.  I have since retired from law enforcement and have done sports photography and portrait photography. I will perform the occasional wedding, but do not take on weddings on a regular basis.


What I believe about your session

I believe taking pictures should be fun and comfortable. Putting on stiff clothes, waiting at a studio- your kids getting antsy and your baby getting hungry and tired, while you cross your fingers and pray everyone cooperates for the moment, as you're rushed and pressured through your short photo session is not my idea of fun.

Photography shouldn't be painful, your spouse shouldn't hate it, your kids shouldn't dread it... You shouldn't be stressed about them, hating it and dreading it. People look their best when they are relaxed, at ease, and given the time they need to be at their best for their session.

If you are hoping for playful, connected photos that speak to the love and uniqueness of your family, I am the photographer for you. I will never ask you to be anything more than yourselves. You will spend our session playing, laughing, and cuddling your family in a relaxed environment, while I create images for your family to treasure for generations. If I am capturing your newborn, we will meet in the comfort of your own home. Your family is lovely in this season.    My job is to help you remember it.

I've been a photographer since 1983.  I will do my best to make your newborn portrait, family portrait and senior portrait session unique and stress free and fun for you and your family.  I like to joke and have fun with every one during my sessions.

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